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Own the day, own the night

A navy blue three-piece suit. A light grey two piece suit. The 2017 campaign shows what can be done with just the core basics. The myriad of looks through mixing and matching. But also how, on their own, they cogently communicate elegance through a well-judged cut, superior fit and the hand-sewn construction. Valid across time and geography. Modelled by Dominic Yew; lensed by Aeric Goh and Jeremy Tok.

The monochromatic urban diurnal creature

As a suit, it is a creature for daytime business and for travel. Grey is suggestive of the urban concrete environment. When paired with chinos and jeans, it is for the outdoor, garden and resort environments.

Navy blue: Sleek and elegant

A grand classic and the epitome of the business suit. Perhaps because of this, it has become overused, or rather, overworn. The way to make a navy suit rise above the generic is through a conspicuously good fit and through a fabric that projects sheer quality.

Smart casual

We pay homage to the smart casual look through superior fit and sedate styling that works in all occupational contexts and geographies.

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