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What makes a great suit and why does it matter?

Every man needs a good suit and more often than not, getting off-the-rack and ready-to-wear fashion pieces sounds like a simpler, decent choice than making a custom suit, which is often more time-consuming and expensive.

However, when you commission a bespoke suit with a reputable tailor, what you’re really getting is more than just a clothing that you put on for an occasion. You’re paying for a creation in the form of a handcrafted garment that is personalised to suit only you.

When it comes to bespoke suits, there’s one crucial aspect that distinguishes a well-made, great custom clothing from average ones: fit.

Great tailors take time to perfect their craft. From the start to finish of the bespoke process, a great tailor would be meticulous and pay close attention to every little detail to ensure that the finished creation, your suit, is an exclusive garment with well-judged proportions to ensure that you’ll walk out with the perfect fit.

A great suit is supposed to be a garment that envelopes you in the most flattering way without sacrificing comfort. Fashion trends may change over time, however, the emphasis on what makes a great suit always points back to how it makes the wearer look and feel.

A suit can make or break your look, and an ill-fitting suit could potentially ruin your experience of the day. It’s worse when you’re dressing up in your best for work or a formal occasion, such as a wedding, only to feel uneasy due to an ill-fitting suit. You should always put on a suit that leaves you feeling reassured and confident.

The two other important elements of a great suit lie in the construction of the garment and styling. The different types of construction - full canvassed, half canvassed, or fused - demand different levels of workmanship and material, all of which eventually contribute to the cost of your suit and determine how you look in it. Tailors usually have their own house style, and often specialise in different cuts. From lapels to shoulder execution, a great suit is one that not only flatters the wearer but also shows the wearer’s personal taste and style.

As part of the experience of commissioning a bespoke suit, you get to have a say in your personal style and in return, your tailor communicates the work he or she is doing, on top of giving expert advice and recommendations. A good tailor has an intimate understanding of the craft and knows how to help you feel at ease and when to provide you with suggestions that match your demands throughout the bespoke process.

While it’s true that a bespoke suit may not be cheap, it is worth the price and time once you find a quality tailor who is able to craft a superb suit.

And a good suit is an investment. With proper care, a good suit could be kept and worn over the years, providing you years of enjoyment.

A suit today is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. You might have heard of the saying that clothes are extensions of what you represent and who you are, so don’t compromise and settle for anything less. Remember, a great suit is not only an addition in your closet, it also adds value to your image as a discerning, well-travelled person.

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