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The Navy Peacoat

Referenced to as early as the 18th century, but with origins much earlier in time, the peacoat lives on today in much the same format. It has a distinctive convertible collar that when worn up provides protection from harsh driving winds and rain, as well as seawater splash as it was a uniform for the navies of the world. The material used is a particularly resilient wool melton which is at once insulating yet breathable. Hand warmers on the front provide additional comfort.

The peacoat was always a garment for active wear. To allow for the required range of motion, a generous box pleat and vents are provided.

We cut peacoats quite close to the body, giving a lean, shapely aesthetic. Unlike the overcoat or the even more ponderous greatcoat which reach to below the knees, the peacoat is short---only two or three inches longer than a lounge jacket.

For a more urbane peacoat, it can be made in a more refined material like 17oz. pure cashmere which we also carry.

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